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"With her polyvalent and lucid way, Milena takes great care of our international clients/guests and makes sure our event check-in administration is accurate."

- Roger Kurzen, kr-motorsports GmbH - 

"Milena has mastered every one of her assignments with the utmost style - her passion for service, strong communicative skills & her very well organised way to deal with her task has brought us a lot of joy and was very helpful to our business."

- Martina Toifl, Heym Collections -

"I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work with Milena in the past. For me she truly embodies the word “professionalism”. She adapted perfectly to our needs and helped us develop pure business in the exact direction we wanted."

- Albert Roig, Carmencita Film Lab -

"Milena understands business contexts and processes very quickly and thus handles the work assigned to her reliably and professionally. She is a courteous, loyal and trustworthy business partner."

- André Suter, KlarText AG -

"I had the pleasure of Milena’s assistance several times. Not only is she the most accurate and punctual person I’ve worked with, she also thinks ahead and is always prepared for plan B. She is calm, friendly and supportive. In busy moments and with clients. ‚Backstage‘ she is super fun and always up for a laugh. Having her support as a friend, second shooter and assistant is a dream come true!"

- Birgit Hart Photography -

"Working with Milena makes every day a bit better - she passionately helps, organises and is an absolute pro in appearance and professionalism on site. I would trust her with difficult to challenging tasks any day."

- Pia Clodi, Peaches&Mint -

"I met Milena "by chance" on a popular social network. From our first meeting, I felt a certain chemistry. We actually share the same passion for details and the play of light, so each shooting is self-explanatory - with intuition, she knows how to get the best out of each situation, each context. To work with her has been enriching."

- Virginie Peny, Author -

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