Are you a small business owner and hiring is not an option? What about booking services once you need them? What do you really need to get done? Where do you want grow? I'm here to understand your goals and challenges. I believe in providing the experience of a personal assistance service, tailored to the various needs and requirements of creative individuals and business owners. 

By taking my passion for being supportive and thriving to serve, I have the distinctive ability to deliver you professionalism without having to hire a full-time employee. My purpose is about bringing value to people. I execute and support individuals across various sectors.


  • Photography 2nd Shooting, Assistance / Back-up Shooter 

  • Practical solutions throughout your project/production 

  • Content creator with conscious approach (imagery) 



Digital assistance (remote collaboration)

  • Back office management (support in your administrative & office management needs) 

  • Logistics 

  • Proofreading of texts, letters in German and English 

  • Web Research 

  • Application letters, CVs

​On-site assistance 

  • Support in your administrative, office management needs, event production

  • Sophisticated teamwork / cooperation

  • Logistics

  • Back-up services

  • Project Management 

  • Tailor-made solutions

  • Sparring partner


Over the years and with my backround in the services sector, I was able to offer and cooperate with various professionals in different fields such as:


  • business owners in real estate

  • apartment & hotel owners

  • fine art photographers

  • art directors

  • curators and gallerists

  • flower and jewellery designers

  • styling and make-up artists, therapists

  • performers

  • bridal couples

  • wedding planners

  • journalists, authors

  • teachers and advisors

  • fashion labels and event organizers

  • caterers

My personal support services help you to manage your busy life. Delegate your tasks to me, so you can reach your goals and focus on your core business. I will give you the support you are looking for - discreet and confidential, digital or on-site. My solutions are personalized and highly individualized. 

My rates depend on the details of the project. Please feel free to contact me for further information.